My friend is not a pacifist

My friend is not a pacifist (a.k.a. „Raki Taki Song“)

I was walking down the street,
trying just to beat the heat
looking for a trick or treat
in this city of concrete

I can hardly feel my feet
maybe little too much weed
Listening to my own beat
Allez allez Sankt Pauli

Allez Allez Sankt Pauli! Allez Allez, FC Sankt Pauli! Allez Allez, FC Sankt Pauli!

out comes you with your crew
I can read your arm tatoo
aryan white supremacy
is trying to block my way.

Where you Monkeys from you ask
„India & Bogota!“
Then you raise your arm up high.
next moment the fists are fylin‘

Listen man, I understand
you ain’t never had a friend
but you need to understand
this will have a bitter end.

See this guy here next to me
he not pacifist like me
back there in Colombia
he was in the antifa!

But you would’t listen man,
so the scenery began,
started up with a broken glass
ended up behind those bars.

what I learn from this night
always fight side by side
nazi scum, step aside
we all say good night white pride!


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